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A New Modular Architecture System. Home/Smartcity

Modular Home. A new system of modular construction, sustainable, ecological and practical. The advantages of our constructive system are based on the rapidity of assembly, the use of the spaces, the integration into the environment and the use of natural energy resources, as well as high quality interiors, developed to favor the comfort, and offer to its residents, all the advantages of the home automation application. Our added value is based on the application that allows the user to design their house, interiors and choose the furnitures from an extensive scale of the most important manufacturers.


New building system MODWIT, represents a step forward in the modular architecture.

Endowed with its own language, with ambivalence plays exterior/interior through its large glazed areas and external slats system and tilt adjustable, giving “life itself” the building..

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MODWIT assembly system is based on a simple structural concept, which provides rapid assembly and strength in the construction, giving it also the possibility of modular growth over time, or it feasible relocation in another setting when its owner sees fit.

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Characteristics themselves of the building, the system MODWIT slats in facades and adjustable cover with home automation system, the ventilation phased program, the additional energy supply means, etc., Result in sustainable comfort, passing through different degrees of eco efficiency-up to the own level of passive-house.

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Customizible Design

The end result of a construction MODWIT, regardless of the above, basically lies in the imagination of its owner, even considering the diversity of uses that may be, housing, commercial, offices, studio-workshop, etc.., customizing their facades and interiors make this product is the most versatile among its competitors modular.

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Core Features of Modwit

Super Powerful & Easy to build

Modwit Modular Home - Automated

Modwit, a modular construction system, flexible, easy to mount or transfer, allows you to build your new home in a record time.

  • Responsive to your needs

  • Quick assembly

  • Transport facilities

  • High issolation

  • High-quality components

  • Eco-Sustainable

  • + So Much More!

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Our Skills & Services

Who We Are & What We Do

What we are good at

Modwit comprises a multidisciplinary team capable of tackling all challenges

Architecture 100%

Landscape 85%

Design & Rendering 90%

Consulting 85%

Although our main product is based on modular architecture, we work on any environment, whether rural or urban

  • Family House

  • Residential

  • Premium-class

  • Facilities

  • Resorts

  • Malls

  • Work Area

  • Schools…

Our design team is qualified to shape your ideas and turn your dreams into realities.

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The modular architecture, for its low costs and high energetic performance, this being considered the future of the constructions. The Modular Modwit system fits all needs.

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