Like a «2nd skin» this revolutionary and innovative system for high performance, is designed to optimize the aesthetic and solar resources throughout the year.



1- Tilting structure: Thanks to its gradual tilting the slats Modwit, can function forward, impeding the entry of sunlight into the building in the summer months, and undertake the inverse function in winter, capturing radiation and getting a greenhouse inside, thus moderating the energy consumption in all seasons.

Vertical, closed, ensuring the privacy and security of the building. Horizontal, open, connects users with the environment. In intermediate positions, tilting, provides countless bioclimatic resources, ensuring a high level of performance.

2- Orientable slats: Its gradual orientation system filters the light into getting the degree of lux illumination level, more appropriate to the needs of the user at all times of day, providing privacy and security in the interior of the building..



Both the tilting system, as orientation can be manual or motorized. The DC motorized system 12/24 volt, can be adjusted by a panel or home automation system using the same housing. This operation allows to program according to the needs or climatic situation, to achieve greater sustainability in light and heat input, independent in each unit of the home or workplace, throughout the year.



The system Modwit slat tilting and swiveling solves the problem of sunlight in any facade that actively implant without eaves, shutters, curtains, etc.., Changing the aesthetics of a building at random, or through its programmed function, so you could say that we provide the facade of «life itself».



Thinking adaptation to different uses and environments, has adopted the system of lamas Modwit and adjustable tilt, a wide range of colors and customization of all, through laser print on the outer surface of the slats, finished shooting and design to suit the client.



The slats system provides different modes of use for every occasion, from independent manual control of each of the blades, to a centralized system, equipped with light and temperature sensors, which adapts the height and orientation of the same, based on identified needs.