Why Modwit..???

We like presenting, ModWit. A new system of modular construction, sustainable, ecological and practical. The advantages of our constructive system are based on the rapidity of assembly, the use of the spaces, the integration into the environment and the use of natural energy resources, as well as high quality interiors, developed to favor the comfort, and offer to its residents, all the advantages of the home automation application. Our added value is based on the application that allows the user to design their house, interiors and choose the furnitures from an extensive scale of the most important manufacturers.

Adapting The Insides

The ModWit interiors, are designed according to the consumer and integrated the modules, in clear coherence with the location and exterior. With the rational minimalism as flag, ModWit interior solutions, think about how to create unique environments. An extensive scale of personalizacion, provide to the user, multiple solutions. Integrated domestic appliances, facilities of low voltage and a complete home automation that allow control the whole module with a single keystroke.

The adaptability of the furniture and the high luminosity provided by the adaptable exterior creates a unique habitable environment. MODWIT architecture presents some particular features that give design options with greater or lesser spaces amplitude having accounted the needs of each client. Also offers the possibility to design different styles of decoration. Through interactive page the last consumer will find different options to furnish the home according to his personal view. For this purpose have a large catalog of furniture from various manufacturers.

Also sustainability ways provided MODWIT multiple comfort options. Our Interior Department seeks maximum integration between the interior and the exterior house, always taking present the environment nature in which they are.

ModWit is a “live” house

Will never see two equal ModWit

The versatility of the fronts Modwit contribute, allow the adaptation the most hostile means, by suitable programming of the automation system, as well to combine together the integration, interior/exterior , so that the user could enjoy extensively the nature that surrounds it. Visually, the buildings Modwit, responding to the needs of its owners, acquire completely different characteristics, changing its exterior aesthetics. The fronts offer an extensive scale of personalizacion, including graphic symbol, colors, special lightings, and even photo printed on the external boards.

Modular Assembly

(Registered International Patent: 201131515) Description and justification of the structural solution adopted. This technical report documents the proposed structure of a program such as “Modwit House” two levels. The project, a detached house, designed as prefabricated modular assembly consists of a high ground floor to create a health chamber, where they develop their own applications for housing in the day area, including the main entrance and vertical communications core that connects all levels, a higher first floor with the use of bedrooms and bathrooms or sleeping area, which includes a terrace space, and finally, the plant cover that is a flat terrace accessible from the housing ladder that includes a central skylight overhead light that will provide the space distribution of the lower floors…

Flexibility, Versatibility, Adaptability…

ModWit solutions are not limited to housing. They cover a wide field of action: Residential areas, protected housing, shopping centers, offices, hotels/resorts, schools, places multipurpose or small business, etc. The big facility of assembly of the modules ModWit and their interconnections, allow to create a wide diversity of forms, adaptable to all the needs and to place them in any emplacement. The personalizacion, with his special finishes and hundreds of options, including on demand outsides, make each ModWit, has its own unique character. (Interior self tailored, home automation, facades, lifts, external mobile blades, garage, storage, etc.)

Think Green

MODWIT is harmony, balance, energy efficiency, sustainability and welfare.

Thanks to its versatility in adapting to different climates and terrains, with MODWIT are achieved high standards of indoor comfort and energy efficiency in both summer and winter, day and night. This is achieved by MODWIT with some very good thermal insulation values of its opaque cladding and glazing oriented east-west and south, is his second skin. His third skin (a dynamic slats system with domotic monitored control) is adapted to the changing needs of light and temperature during the year. It allows us to take a total use of natural light throughout the interior of MODWIT and a comprehensive control of thermal comfort conditions, shading in summer where we want, getting the maximum solar gain in winter.

Is not ruled out a detailed study to optimize the resources of the terrain by creating microclimates on the E and O facades, along with the use and improvement of existing vegetation, or through a studied landscaping, including water areas.

The automatically opening system out to the exterior roof creates and upward airflow and ventilate MODWIT naturally gradually at any time of the year.